Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. This week I am going to share my levitation project with you. For this project we had to photograph a scene of our choice and then add props and a subject for more pictures to combine in photoshop.

I first set up my camera on a tripod and put all of my settings in manual mode. I then photographed the scene without anything added, I took a couple different photographs so the scene is different. Once captured that photograph I added the prop and subject.

For the first photograph I took a photograph of a bale of hay, then I added a chair to the bale and my sister on top with balloons in her hand like she was flying away with the balloons. For the second and third photographs I took a photograph of my driveway in between the snowflakes that day, then I added a stool and my sister again with the balloons and had her pose in different ways.

After all of the pictures were taken, I combined the images in photoshop to make it look like my sister was floating away!

Here are the results

The ones with her photographed in the driveway don’t look like she’s off the ground, but I promise she is. I want to re-shoot these and move her further up so the tiny slope of the driveway isn’t directly underneath her. I thought that the stool was tall enough for her to be over the slope, but I was wrong, so I definitely want to re shoot when its a little warmer out.

That’s all for this week! Stay Safe and Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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