Foam Home

The CNC’d pieces have finally arrived! After a trip to Stroudsburg to retrieve them and a good hour of organizing them by size and shape, it looks like I’ll be assembling and finishing my 6′ tall piece for the remainder of the semester – no surprise there.

After stacking the pieces into their intended order (thanks to the numbered sticker system added by the company who cut the pieces), it ended up looking a bit different from what I pictured. The original Plasticine model I made was almost all curves, but the individual foam pieces are stepped when stacked due to the thickness of the insulation sheets. I think after a few material tests with that handy spray insulation foam and an internal system of strong spray adhesive and dowels, I can get the final shape more refined and ready to cover in my plaster cast pins.

P. S., I already have a few hundred cast pins finished, but I will need a few hundred more. If anyone wants to offer moral support, I’ll be in the sculpture studio day and night until May 4th!

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2019

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