For the Nurses and Doctors

Hi everyone!

As many of us are transitioning online when it comes to work and school it is worth noting the effect it may have on our priorities. Because of this transition, I have more time and less work on my hand, but the general chaos may makes it hard to maintain my day to day schedule. For instance I have been confused as to when I should work on my projects and how I might deliver them to my peers as there are still critiques. In my last post about the travel poster, I had spent most of my time working on it very sporadically as in an hour there, 20 minutes here, etc. this practice in general just doesn’t produce the quality work I look to make. This project however, made me got my priorities back in order.

The reason why was simply due to the time we had on this. My professor assigned this project this Monday and was due in 2 days. That might seem bad but I actually very much liked this. Having something due so soon made me schedule my day as I had to juggle my core classes as well. This made it so I could know how much time I’m spending on my projects and what my expected outcome should be for a client when I’m in my career. This also makes me think on the spot rather than marinate in a topic for a couple days before coming up with a solution, this will made me more adaptable in my field as well as increase my productivity.

The project given to me was a poster meant to encourage our local nurses and doctors on the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic. Very simple but yet can still be a challenge to present in a professional way in such little time. For this I had already decided on my concept and composition the night before I worked on it, playing with this contrast as the doctor covers up the virus with the sheet. This made it so that when I started working on it, I knew I would be caught up too much on making major changes to the posters which becomes in the case in some of my other projects. I was pleased to know I finished within the short amount of time I allowed myself my focusing on that simplicity, but only a drop shadow to imply depth which may have took me hours if done by hand as I usually do. So overall, this project was a good learning experience when working in a small time frame.

Within the next couple weeks this poster should be given out to local clinics as a gift from the Marywood Art Department in our global fight against COVID-19. Stay healthy and safe!

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