The only thing harder than spelling foreshortening is actually being able to successfully do it.

We’ve all been there…just unpacking our pencils, charcoal, and erasers for drawing class, waiting for the teacher to pose the model. This will be fine you think, it’s just another day in Drawing class.


Because it turns out, my friend, that because of where you set up your easel, you will be doing a fair amount of foreshortening today.

No matter how much I practice it, foreshortening is just one of the hardest things to get right. Why? Because you can’t rely on your memory or imagination, you just have to draw exactly what’s in front of you, and unless it’s just right it looks completely off. Thankfully, though, in a classroom setting, you have your teacher to help you out.

So how does one practice foreshortening outside of class, though? By drawing from photographs. Even tracing around a photograph first can help, too. Either way, have a good friend or someone you love nearby, in order to help you not pull your hair out while you practice.

Best of luck…you’ll need it.

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