Geometric Lines & Adolescent Flashbacks

Have you ever sat down and when you get up it leaves an impression on the back of your thighs from the material of the seat?

This print is just like that.

This is probably one of the more DIY type of intaglio prints you can do without any actual printmaking tools, such as a press.  The method for this print was so much fun, being able to just slice shapes out of masking tape and then sticking them onto plexiglass. It is also one of the easiest forms of printmaking with pasting cut up pieces of masking tape down just to ink up a roller and spreading it across the page.

It’s definitely gives you an adolescent feeling to it, bringing out the scissors and tape just to ink it all up and make a mess of things while trying to get it done. Bringing you back to art class in middle school playing with glue and construction paper. Being able to just act freely and not focus as much on composition is what makes this entire method so much fun.

Geometric lines & Adolescent Feels


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