Get Out There

I know I may not be an art expert, but I do want to stress the significance of visiting a piece of art in person. Now I understand not everyone has the ability to fly across the world to go see art in England, France, or Italy, so thankfully we can still witness pieces like the Mona Lisa and The Gates of Paradise online. But for those art galleries that are not too far, make the trip out to see them, you won’t regret it.

Everyday in classes we are always taught to analyze a piece in it’s entirety. Not only are we experiencing art from line work and theme, but also its size and texture—things that you can only witness in person.

For example, there have been many instances where Michelangelo’s statue of David induces a strong sense of emotion in it’s viewers for the first time they see it due to his vast size and detail in his hand. Something that once again, people can tell you all about but only you can experience first hand.

The same holds true even with student work or small gallery openings. They may not be the top on your priority list to visit, but even experiencing any type of art and witnessing the advantages to seeing it in person can help tremendously in the understanding of something believe it or not.

Featured image: Michelangelo’s David

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