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The latest exhibition at The Waverly Community House is definitely a fascinating one, a show called “Traces of Life” exhibiting the works of Zoja Forsberg. Her pieces are a wonderful mix of collage, found object, and paint/screenprint. Typically, I find the very free-form works like these too tough to write effectively about, but Forsberg’s work and her process are too interesting not to share.

“I have no design in mind when I start. The pieces find their place without too much rational thought, although afterwards it is apparent that a deeper involvement of consciousness was employed”

Zoja Forsberg’s Artist Statement

I find this approach to creating art very similar to my own, as I also play around with found object art from time to time. Another part of her artist statement was particularly striking, as she mentions that she works on multiple pieces at a time. I think the image of Forsberg interchanging materials and ideas between multiple works sheds some light on the body of work as a whole. They do feel inexplicably connected, and the fact that each piece could share material with another or could currently hold a compositional aspect taken from a different work is comforting in a way. Knowing that a handful of pieces were created and interchanged at the same time demonstrates a sense of oneness and community in these otherwise stationary objects. Something about this idea seems to me like an even more intimate blending of materials and subjects than a traditional photo/paper collage.

I highly recommend seeing these works in person, they will be on display at the Waverly Small Works Gallery until December 1st.

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