Ghost Photoshoot Trend

If you’ve seen the trend on Tik-Tok then you know what this is all about, but if not I’ll tell you! Around Halloween people dress up as ghosts using bed sheets and fun sunglasses and create short videos with their images, often set to the song “Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber. It’s very fun and cute, and since I am now the VP of the Marywood Shutterbugs Photography Club, I thought it would be a great activity to do with our club members! Doing fun activities with the club is always the highlight of my week but this was by far my favorite thing we’ve done as a club so far!

Using my Canon Rebel T6, some pantyhose, bed sheets, various sunglasses and hats, we were able to create these really funky and amazing photos and had a great time doing so! Now you’re probably wondering what the pantyhose were for, as they don’t seem to fit in with the theme. I had recently seen another photographer use them stretched over their lens to create a vintage film effect without any excess editing, and it added such a nice hazy and retro feel to the photos. This went along great with our spooky ghost theme and really elevated the photos!

Shot in the painting studio on the third floor of the Insalaco Studio Art building.

After creating some images inside with just flash and a few props, we headed outside to the art field to take some more photos under the vibrant fall trees. One of our newest members of the club suggested that we throw leaves above the model posing as our ghost, which worked out so well! the leaves were thrown both right in front of the camera and over our ghost, and added a lot of great depth, and in some cases a very interesting and striking red tint to the photos. After throwing and rolling around in the leaves for a bit we also took some photos posing by the statues of the amphitheater, which were definitely the spookiest photos by far. Overall it was a great experience for both myself and our club members and I can’t wait to do it again next year! Hopefully next time we can try to take the photos during golden hour rather than after the sun sets, as I think that’ll improve the photos even more. Also looking forward to doing more fun activities like this with the shutterbugs when we return to campus this spring!

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