Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk about a project initiated by my friend, Joe Vadella. There was some graffiti on an overpass on part of the Lackawanna County Heritage Trail that runs through Simpson and he asked if I could help cover it up. We bought two gallons of white paint and covered what we could and plan on painting a second coat on the pillars when I return from my trip to Japan.

We chose to paint a white block to make it almost like a canvas that we will be covering with designs of our own. Yes, this does run the risk of being graffiti’d again, but we hope that we’ll be able to finish painting before anyone might try to spray paint the pillars again. I personally have to come up with a design for what I want to paint, but I believe that Joe wanted to stylize a map of either the Heritage Trail or do something connected to Carbondale.

I thought it was really cool of Joe to reach out and ask if we could paint over the graffiti. As we know the Heritage Trail is an important part of the local community and that a lot of families walk/ride their bikes through the trail. It’s a really cool side project that I’m more than happy to be a part of and I’ll keep you guys updated as we make progress. For those on winter break from school, I hope it’s been relaxing, and for those celebrating various holidays, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy times with friends/family!

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