Graffiti Highway

Hey everybody, this week during Marywood’s Easter break, I decided to drive to Centralia and check out the Graffiti Highway. It only took an hour and a half to drive there and it’s always been something I’ve wanted to visit.

The Graffiti Highway is an abandoned part of road that, as the name implies, is covered in hundreds of works by hundreds of people. There’s an article on CNN with a brief description of the history of Centralia along with an aerial view ( ).

Seeing the highway in person is both very cool and very creepy. On the drive to the abandoned Route 61, which is even listed as ‘destroyed’ on Google Maps, adding to the eeriness of the trip, my boyfriend noticed smoke coming out of the cracks of rocks, reminiscent of the mine fire which caused people to originally flee Centralia. The highway stretches on for about a mile and includes references to pop culture, visitors spray painting their names and they date they visited, spray painting of trees/rocks/railings, and random drawings. It’s an awesome experience and I would highly recommend taking a drive if you have the time.

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