Groovy Tie Dye Art

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share something really fun I did this past weekend with my family. We bought a bunch of tie dye colors and made lots of really fun t-shirts, tank tops, and even a bag. I wanted to get a bit more creative and find some cool designs to try out. Here’s some of what I made!

The first one I did was a bit more classic. It’s the scrunch method where you just scrunch together the material and apply the dye. I loved the colors.

The second one I did I was super excited about because I have seen the design before and wanted to try it out myself. It’s a rather classic method of twisting the fabric as you would with traditional looking tie dye. Then I put rubber bands on it and I applied the rainbow colors only to one side. The key here is to flip it over and cover the whole backside with black, not the coordinating colors. This created a traditional rainbow tie dye with really fun black stripes going through it.

The last one I wanted to try was creating a heart tie dye. I folded the shirt in half and drew half a heart on it. The next part was a bit tricky, but you have to pinch the fabric along the outline of the heart and tie it off with a rubber band. Then just tie off the remainder of the shirt and apply the dye. I’m so happy with how these turned out!

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