Hally and Christy Linocuts

Hello everyone! I hope you are ready to look at some awesome linocuts today. For people who are unfamiliar, a linocut print is a print made from an etched or craved linoleum block/mat. I like to surround my daily life with art to enrich it and inspire my own art work. So when I was searching for printmaking to inspire my blog writings I turned to Instagram. I found a lot of material to talk about over the course of this semester and I’m excited to cover it all. Now to look at what Hally and Christy from Hally and Christy Prints do best, linocuts!

The first one we will look at this wonderful linocut of old worn shoes. I really like it when artist use shoes as subjects in their work. Shoes protect our feet which are our most important body part when it comes to mobility so shoes are important pieces of equipment. You can tell a lot about someone from looking at their shoes by the type of shoes they wear for work, to the groceries store, or to an event. Information like age, gender, size, status can be gathered by looking at someone’s shoes. The shoe’s in the linocut print are worn, and disheveled as if the person could wait to take them off. I imagine that a hard working man would have worn these shoes to the office and is probably in a pair of slippers now.

The second linocut to look at is cat motif. This cat is a pet of a commissioner for this artist and I really like the realism of the cat and the pop of pink color. This is a very fun and cute piece of art that probably means a lot for the person who had this commissioned. That’s one of the reasons I really like art it brings people together. Art is so board it’s capabilities are limitless and so much good can come from it.

I hope you all enjoyed this artist as much as I did. If you would to follow them on Instagram I’ll leave a link here.

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