Handmade Card

Today we are taking a hike back in time, all the way to fathers day. I wanted to talk about this card I made for my father using type, and letterpress, along with a gel plate!

The process began by picking out my size card and format, I wanted something small and simple. After my decided size, I cut out a black piece of paper to fit the outside of the card, and decided to test out a gel plate print for the design. I did the gel plate print with a blue toned ink. I did multiple different versions and designs on the black paper, until I came across something very experimental. I realized when cleaning my brayer with a baby wipe, it left a really interesting design. This lead me to wonder if I could transfer the design from the baby wipe onto the paper.

So that’s exactly what I did. I rolled my paper and baby wipe stacked on top of each other through the press and got the design that is currently under the typeface! I then designed and locked my type, and ran it through the press. As my final type color choice I decided on silver. I printed a fancy “The” in the inside of my card, and handwrote my message around it. As for the back I stamped on a black heart in the middle.

This was my first time making a handmade card and it was really fun!

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