Happy First Day of Classes!

Hello all!

Today marks the first day of the new semester! Yay!! I hope that the transition from summer to school is seamless no matter what this semester looks like for you – in-person classes, completely online, or a mixture of the two.

New beginnings can be wonderful, marvelous, and exciting, but like my mom texted me a few weeks into my first semester in college, “Even good change can be hard and good different can be weird.” Especially as this semester is looking very different from semesters past, it’s totally normal to be feeling a bit discouraged or overwhelmed.

So I encourage you, no matter how you’re feeling about the semester, to just embrace it fully! Acknowledge the things you can’t change, but try to recognize that those things don’t define – and certainly don’t limit – how this semester will actually be for you. Let that motivate you even when you’re not feeling so confident about how this semester will play out!

If nothing else, let some of those more complicated feelings move you to be even more creative this semester. Channel those emotions to be fully expressive in whatever type of art you do! I assure you that everyone in  Marywood’s Art Department will thank you greatly. 🙂

I hope that no matter how you’re feeling about the semester, whether it be like this…

The Scream

The Scream can be found here

…or like this…

Van Gogh Self Portrait

This very serious Van Gogh can be found here

…that you can find some space to feel like this!

Get excited!! This is still your time. This is still your season. This is still be your semester. So own it! Take every day to remember that whatever you are feeling is valid, but that there is so much excitement to be had in the midst of it all. I know that some of you are completely online, myself included, but that doesn’t mean that the Marywood family has left you behind. No matter how far Scranton is from your home, you are at Marywood. Welcome if you’re new here and welcome back if this has been your home for many years. I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful semester!

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