Hear From A Painting Major

When it comes to picking a College Major many students panic, wondering if they’re picking the right one for them. Though when it comes to Annachiara Chacchia she seems pretty certain that what she chose is right for her.

Marywood Freshman Art Major Annachiara Chacchia, an Interview

She is currently taking Painting I and says that she loves what she is learning so far, enjoying the techniques that her professor is relaying to the students. One of them being underpainting, a technique used to get richer color. The class is giving her the opportunity to paint many different subjects, such as still lifes, interiors, and a model (which will be coming in this week).

When asked about her love for Painting she narrows it down to her junior year of high school, saying it was around that time that she truly fell for the art. Her favorite artists continuing to inspire her, such as Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Degas, and Royo.

As a painter, Annachiara believes that sketching is important in order to develop her skills, allowing her to learn shapes and to get used to figures before taking them to the canvas. Which is especially helpful to her as her favorite subjects to paint are Still Life, Figures, and Portraits.

Taking a step back from the formal aspects of it, Annachiara does say that she loves admiring works by others, having traveled to places such as Rome, she was given the ability to see first-hand artwork that she had learned about in Art History. She has also been to the MET in New York and was able to appreciate much of the art she was able to view there. As for the possibility of studying abroad, something that many Marywood students have the ability to do, she admits that she is considering it.

If you’re interested in seeing some of Annachiara’s works follow her on Instagram at _chaiaraart_

sample work

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