Helping The Community Through Art

Hi everyone! Recently I went to downtown Scranton to enjoy the Scranton Ice Festival and I had an absolute blast. I always love local events like these that support small businesses and bring people together (especially through art). It’s so important to support local small businesses and local artists during these times when covid has prevented some of the usual events and opportunities for people to come out. 

The festival featured over 40 ice sculptures at businesses downtown, local musicians, and even live ice sculpting, all of which was available through social distancing or live streaming. Proceeds and donations towards this event supported the Small Business Relief Fund to help the small businesses that have suffered with the pandemic. While covid keeps us apart, it was fantastic to see art bring people together and help each other out. 

It was really nice to see so many excited people come out and flock to these sculptures. I walked all downtown to see most of the sculptures but one of my favorites was down at The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce which featured The Office themed sculptures. I had the honor of watching a sculpture of Michael Scott be sculpted live while a small crowd formed, so excited to see this piece of art come alive. Another favorite of mine was at City Hall which had an ice sculpture of the Electric City Sign. The thing I love about art the most is the experiences and connections we have with it. So when it comes to local art, I love how personal it is and how many times it reminds us of home.

I encourage you to support your local artists and local businesses, especially now, and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


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