Hidden Gems

Sometimes we go through life so quickly that we forget to take notice of the small things that mean the absolute most. For me, I was able to start up some art lessons again, with a student I started working with last year. It was so eye opening to get back into the studio with someone looking to you for guidance in their creative journey. I came fully equipped with yet another hidden gem I keep in my arsenal of inspiration. Along with beginning lessons once again, I brought with me a particular art magazine that always makes me feel ready to jump back in to a project I have been thinking about, or that I can’t wait to sit and show to one of my students. The magazine is called Art Journaling by Somerset Studio, and it is full of amazing mixed media ideas to work through in your sketch book, including works and themes from multiple artists and their styles.

Something I found interesting, when excitedly flipping through it’s pages, was that in this magazine these artists throw so many items and textures onto both the front and back pages of their sketchbooks; very similar to how I work through my own ideas in my sketchbook. I love the idea of chaotic organization, of unleashing your whole brain on the innocent and unknowing pages of that book. It is freeing and so beautiful to look at. I really suggest getting a copy of this magazine. Even if you aren’t particularly crazy about art journaling, it may spark a few ideas for your own medium. My student even told me, since discussing these artists and how I work myself, she has begun adding more to her sketchbook, using both the front and back pages like I do. It is the moments like that as a teacher, student, and artist that mean the most. Sometimes all we need to do is sit with ourselves for a few extra minutes each day, or take the time to flip through a magazine. Life goes by so quickly with stress becoming our best friend. We need to hone in on and cherish these moments. Recognize them and they will lead you to amazing things.

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