High Dynamic Range

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. This week for my photography class I was assigned to photograph one scene, take it into photoshop and play around with the HDR settings.

To accomplish this I first went out on my family’s farm and found a good spot to capture a range of the lights and the darks. Once I found this spot I set up my tripod, placed by camera on it and set it in manual mode. I then took a photograph with the settings I wanted. After my initial photograph I metered two stops below and two stops above my first set of camera settings. So, in total, I had five different images.

Once I had all of my photographs taken, I brought them off of my SD card to my computer so I could pull them up in photoshop. Most of the work for this project photoshop completed on its own. After photoshop was finished doing its think I was able to play with the different HDR settings before I picked what ones I liked best. This was a difficult part for me because I like the realistic versions of photographs, but I stuck with the assignment and played around with the different choices.

Here are the outcome of the photographs.

That’s all for this week! I will talk to you all next time! Stay safe and healthy!

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