History of American Illustration

At first I wasn’t sure what to write about for this week. Then I realized that I haven’t talked much about the History of American Illustration class I have been taking and figured now would be a good opportunity to do so. Last school year I really enjoyed taking Art History I and II and found a new love for art history so I was very excited that History of American Illustration was being offered this semester. So far taking this class is really giving me a new perspective on illustration that I did not see before. It has also been neat to see how illustration began and progressed while exploring different areas of illustration and being exposed to a variety of illustrators. Up until this week we have studied Colonial Illustration, Early Political Illustration, Scientific Illustration and Architectural Illustration. We’ve looked at early prints by John Foster and Paul Revere that are simple but very prominent but also detailed drawings by John James Audobon and Alexander Wilson for example.  I’ve really enjoyed learning about the meaning behind these illustrations, but also how they were made using different techniques.

Featured image: John James Audobon

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