It’s good to have hobbies to keep your mind busy even when it needs a break from something else. After I work long hours and just feel like being a little lazy I try to keep myself occupied with crocheting projects. I first learned how to crochet when I was ten from my grandmother. She taught herself and then taught me so I never really learned how to read the patterns. I have always just been able to look at a picture or something already crocheted and be able to figure out how it was done. After years of doing that I slow picked up on the different stitches there are and I can make sense of how some stitches will look next to one another without a struggle.

Crocheting is easy once you get the hang of it. I like to be productive at all times so even when I do just want to relax and watch a movie I’ll usually be crocheting too. Crocheting can also relieve built up emotions like stress or frustration. You can get lost in it for hours resulting in a beautiful or useful creation.

Last week I worked on a mini crocheted backpack with just using three simple types of stitches. It took three days to finish; I worked on it for about three to four hours a day. I also added on some straps I made from an old pair of pants that I cut and stitched with yarn. I added beads for decoration and hemp for the draw string. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding. This is an original design and I am proud to say I didn’t use anything as a reference.



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