Homemade Christmas Crafts

Hello everyone,

Due to some medical conditions, I’ve been taking some time to myself for the past week. However, with the upcoming Zeta Card and Ornament sale, I’ve been spending lots of time on Pintrest and decided to share my discoveries this week! I love homemade crafts around Christmas time, there’s just a certain charm to them that you could never buy from a store.



This is everything I intend on trying to attempt throughout the week, if you have any suggestions or ideas to share, feel free to leave me a comment below!

The card and ornament sale for Zeta Omicron will happen this week on December 6-7 in the Nazareth Student Center, so keep an eye out and grab some cash for those hand made gifts!

I apologize for the lack of content this week, I am hoping to be fully recovered next week. As always, thank you for the read!

I own none of the rights to any of these photos/ideas. All were derived from Pinterest.
Crayon Ornament: Hallmark Channel
Rustic Twig Ornament:Stow & Tell U
Button Christmas Tree:  Buzzfeed
Pine Cone Ornament: Kami/ NoBiggie
Marbleized Ornaments: Diane Miller
Gold Dipped Ornaments: Home Made by Carmona
Button Christmas Card: Unknown originator from Pinterest


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