How to Gift an Art Person

This past holiday season I received so many gifts that made me go “ah you know me too well.” Most of these gifts were art related. However, sometimes people find it hard to shop for an artist when they have little experience with art themselves. It actually is easy to shop for an artist. When in doubt, art supplies! Even if you have no experience with art supplies there are some gifts that are always appreciated by artists.

Painting Supplies

black artist isleMy heart melts when I go to this isle. Anything that makes painting easier is always a good way to go. Whether its brushes or little paint sets, any little filler supplies to keep someone painting is a nice gift.

Drawing and Sketch Paper

Art people go through paper and sketch materials like wild fire. It can always be used. Whether it’s for drawing or sketching some ideas for their next project, sketch paper is so nice to have in inventory. A personalized little sketchbook is even nicer. My friend got me a little leather sketchbook from Italy and I almost died 1) because it is from Italy and 2) because I am a poor art student who appreciates absolutely anything that I can make art with.

 Mod Podge

mod podge

Because it’s the best glue ever. No questions. Everyone should have mod podge. End of story.

 Storage for Art Supplies

Often times art supplies are great. But every art person accumulates this stuff and has nowhere to put it. And because their main priority are things they could make things with, storage for art supplies is the last thing they want to spend their money on. Getting storage for an artist definitely takes a load off of them, believe it or not. Especially if the storage is art themed, it makes an art person even more excited to use it and show it off. The tin box I got for Christmas I absolutely loved because it was a cute retro art theme. This idea is awesome because it can hold different pliers and X-Acto knifes which all art majors should always have handy but don’t always know where to hold them in a safe way.

floral pouch

Even just a pouch to hold some pencils is perfect!

Something You Made Yourself 

floral pillows

When an art person receives something homemade it is always appreciated. Even more so because these people make things all the time themselves, they can truly appreciate and realize the time and effort you put into something homemade. I couldn’t stop staring at these handmade pillows knowing that someone lovingly put work into it.

Crafting Books 

Artists love reading about art. They always like cool ideas, so a crafting books that can give them new ideas is a really cool gift to give. Also nowadays adult coloring books are all the rage. What better thing to give a creative person than a stress-reducing coloring book. (I am especially in favor of this new trend as a future art therapist because this is what art therapy is all about; using art daily for stress relief, coping, or whatever else is needed. Mandalas are a constant tool used in art therapy. Just saying, art therapy actually is useful. Okay I am basically done with my rant.)

Art Store Gift Cards

AC Moore Holiday gift card

Yes. Art people live on these things. Even more than food or water. When in doubt, gift card. This will always always be put to good use!

When gifting an art person really anything works. Believe me, any little thing is so greatly appreciated after all of the daily spending an art person has to do. Giving someone who loves art an art related gift will truly touch their heart. It definitely touched mine this past Christmas season.

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