How To Wire Stone Pendants

Lets say you went to the beach and you found a stone in the sand that you really liked. Well who wants to drill a hole in it and risk it breaking apart right? There is a simple solution to this. All you need is some wire, any gage will really due, and wire cutters.

How To:

Step 1: Twisted X

Cut two pieces of wire, you’re better off with extra wire because you don’t want to run out while you’re working. The next thing you’re going to want to do is twist the two pieces of wire together at the center. It will look like an X when you’re done. After, you’re going to place your stone in the center of the X.

Step 2: Side Twist

Next, twist the two wires on each side and bend them against the stone. It will start to look like a net pattern. Now you’re going to twist the top wires together from the sides you just twisted; Repeat with the bottom wires. It should look like the wires almost made a diamond shape in the center of the stone.

Step 3: Loop and Finish

The bottom wires that you just finished twisting are going to bent around the back of the stone. Completely finish twisting the back wires together and make a loop with them. Next, with the two unwrapped wires in the front of the stone. You’re going to wrap one wire around the one side of the loop and the second wire around the other side of the loop to secure them together. Finally, cut any extra wire sticking out with the wire cutters. That’s it you’re done!

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