I Can’t

So for my art therapy class, my professor wanted us to find someone that we don’t know at all or not very well, and just sit down and do art with them. We did not have to do anything therapeutic, but need to sit down and do art. I thought this would be relatively easy, until I started asking people. Every single person said “I am not good at art” or “I’m not artist.” I was not asking much of them at all. I said that they could even just scribble on a piece of paper. I also had a lot of people say that mine was going to be so much better then theirs. I tried to explain to them that when making art its not always about the end product, but rather the process and how they feel while they are making it and using the materials. Some people just feel as if they really can’t do art just because they can’t make it look “pretty.” That is 100% not true.

Everyone can do art

I then had to make a reflection piece on how the experience was while making art with someone. Rather than me focusing on just that, I also focused on the people who refused to do art with me, because I think it is a little ridiculous. Well I decided to make a painting just because a ceramic piece would be difficult to represent making art with someone. Well I decided on painting a person covering their eyes. It can be taken as someone being embarrassed of their art or just hiding because they do not think that they can do art. Everyone can do art. Yes, people have their differences in style and ability, but everyone CAN make art.


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