Illustrated Collage

A couple weeks ago in my General Illustration class my teacher decided one day during class that we were going to take a break from the project we’ve been working on and just spend the time that day creating something quickly from start to finish. Prior to class we were all told to bring in some type of paint like acrylic or water color, various types of paper, and other collage materials. That day I filled up my art bag with acrylic paint, gouache, water color, colored pencils, markers, painted pieces of paper, pages from magazines, and pretty much anything else I could find that would work for this project.

When I got to class I started off the project by taking the different pieces of paper I had and painted them with a light teal, yellow, orange and green. I used my palette knife to smear the paint onto to the paper. I liked that this project gave me the opportunity to be messy. After a little while I decided to take my water color palette and use it to paint different magazine pages. Some of the pages had illustrations while others had words. My teacher gave us about 45 minutes to an hour to just sit there and paint all the different pieces of paper we had.

Once the time was up my teacher told us to stop painting. Then he went around the classroom and had everyone take 3 dice and roll them. Each dice had a different animal or object on each side which corresponded to a different  set words. Once we all received our words we had to create an illustration inspired by those words using only the pieces of paper we painted. I forget what animals/objects I rolled but I used the words “passage, travel, and wisdom” to inspire my illustration.

To create my illustration I cut different pieces of paper, but also ripped other pieces and pasted them onto a canvas. On one of the pieces of paper I had there was an illustration of a young boy and an older man talking while walking through a city. I decided take that illustration and cut the two figures out and place them into the composition. I wanted to add them to my illustration to make it look like they were traveling or part of a passage. The rest of the composition is just randomly pasted collage materials along with a quote that I liked and thought was appropriate.

Unfortunately, this is my last post for the blog. Even though I will no longer be writing I just wanted to say that I have had a lot of fun writing every week and thank you to everyone who has read my posts, liked them, and wrote nice comments.

Much love,



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