Illustration and Animation

Something that has been occurring recently in the art world is the recreation of artworks through videos. These videos combine both illustration and animation. They take you through a painting, making you an active person and/or viewer in the painting. I often see these scrolling through social media, and they always intrigue me. It’s such a great way to connect to a painting.

Here is one example of Starry Night.

Here are some more videos on a variety of paintings:

Lastly, I found this hilarious video of paintings interacting with one another in a museum. They each act the way people might have acted during the time they were painted:

At least for me, this takes art to a new technological level. When we are in front of a painting, we admire the beauty of the work along with the techniques, style, movement, and colors used throughout. However, this takes a different approach to looking at art. This is so advanced and interactive. The figures in the paintings are no longer stiff and unreal, but they are now moving and interacting in their settings.

When thinking about this, much of these VR experiences are professionally done with Van Gogh’s artworks. It would be amazing to see other artworks from different time periods being turned in 360 videos or VR experiences. I think for our contemporary world this would be a good way to bring academia into the gaming world.

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