Illustrator: Al Hirschfeld

I have officially completed the first week of my masters program! I experienced so many things in that one week that I will carry with me on my journey to become a respected illustrator. One of the most helpful things I learned was how to look at forms and render them accurately. The fluidity of the human form allows the artist to interpret it in their owe style. Figure drawing is something that many artists practice at the begin of their art quest. For some they will only need to take a beginner course in figure drawing to fulfill a requirement, while other artist will focus on that and become masters. The artist were going to look at today is Al Hirschfeld and his impeccable illustration of the human form.

One look is all it takes to understand want I’m talking about. With a few carefully placement lines, Hirschfeld masterfully demonstrates the movement of the character. He has established simplicity in the human form and the knowledge on how to execute it with a few strokes. The expression he is able to achieve is a marvel by itself. The way he commands your eye to follow through his illustration is nothing less than impressive. Most of what he did was in black and white, and his focus was primary on well known individuals such as celebrities, rock stars, and icons. Although Hirschfeld is no longer with us his work has carried on his legacy and continues to inspire aspiring artist to this day.

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