Illustrator: Cameron Mark

Whenever young children draw they will often depict things they see in their daily lives. Those things include the environment, animals, and people. Most children develop an interest in other things and their drawings become relics but some of those children continue to draw. Mark Cameron has been drawing for most of his life and people are his expertise.

He is a master of expression and his illustrations are enough evidence. Most of his illustrations focus on the subject, which is a person, sometimes colored sometimes not. The background is typically white ensuring that the subject has all the attention. His subjects are usually drawn in a portrait style but he also has done half body, and full-body illustrations too. Often Mark draws female subjects but has also done men, and children too.

The three images I have included in this blog are all illustrations done by Mark found on his ArtStation. I really love how he captures so much personality in a single still image. He is one of my favorite artists and his work inspires me to work harder towards my own artistic goals. He manages his Instagram pretty regularly so if you like what you see you can explore his social media!

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