Illustrator : Kate O’Hara

Every artist has a source they look up to or gain inspiration from. Michelangelo would paint masterpieces derived from biblical texts, Picasso would look through the unfiltered lens of children and their unfiltered expression, and Dali would use his own dreams to dictate his canvas. As an illustrator I have plenty of artists that I admire from multiple different genres of art. Among them are illustrators like myself but with far more skills and experienced. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my idols, Kate O’Hara, an illustrator who channels the passion for nature through her works.

O’Hara’s style reminds me of printing blocks. The figures and shapes seem simple at first but upon closer inspection, one can find immaculate detail at every corner. Everything she draws is easy on the eyes as well as having enough love and care in her detail work to satisfy any critic. The bats face and down it’s back has several strokes of varying weight and this tells us that the bat has fur. The petals of the flowers has small lines on them too which reads as movement. O’Hara uses a combination of color pencil and digital color to achieve her signature look. She exhibits a lot of technical skill as well as design sense because all her pieces have a pleasant sense of balance.

O’Hara does commissions and has a link in her description on her Instagram. She designs book covers too the “The Illustrated Bestiary” is one among them. Her book covers were intensely vibrant and drew my eye in an instant. The more I flipped through her artwork, the more fascinated I was with her style. There are other bestiary books that O’Hara has done and you can find them in your local book store or on Amazon. I aspire to be a skilled and talented illustrator like O’Hara and I hope that I can achieve that goal soon.

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