Illustrator Study: Naoko Takeuchi

Hello everyone! In this weeks’ blog, I will be talking about another illustrator that gives me inspiration. Her name is Naoko Takechi and she is the author and illustrator of the popular manga and anime series, Sailor Moon.

Who Is Naoko Takeuchi?

Naoko was born March 15, 1967 in Kofu, Japan. She got a chemistry degree when she attended and graduated Kyoritsu University and became a certified pharmacist. However, she decided to pursue another career path years later and that career happened to be a manga artist. She created Sailor Moon, Prism Time, Chocolate Christmas, Maria, The Cherry Project, Miss Rain, PQ Angels, Love Witch, and many others. She is mostly well known for her Sailor Moon manga series which happens to be based on her own life. The first volume of Sailor Moon was released July 6, 1992. The anime adaption of this series was made by Toei Animation from 1992 to 1997. This series became so popular among the world that it has received much praise and recognition for having a group of female superheroes that are powerful and inspiring. This series has conjured up $13 billion in merchandise and copy sales.

Noako’s Art Style

Noako’s art style is very gorgeous and feminine. Her line work is light yet bold when it comes to facial features. The facial features are very recognizable because of how exaggerated they are. I really like the wispy and magical feel her art work has, it really captivates the eye. She also has a talent for making aesthetic environments, they fit the 90s vaporwave aesthetic. Her special effects are a special touch that, I think, brings everything together to bring that magical atmosphere to the story. I admire her style because of the light flow her lines have and it honestly is it’s own aesthetic. It’s very pleasing to look at and I especially love how her style fits the story she is telling especially with Sailor Moon, it’s a very romantic and magical story.

Naoko Takeuchi’s style is very inspiring to me because I have always loved the aesthetic her work has. It’s magical and it’s very relaxing to read and look at. Her style is definitely a comfort style that brings me comfort when I look at it. I take inspiration from her style because I love the bold expressions she creates on her character’s faces. I especially get inspiration from the elegance of her storytelling.

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