Given the beautiful weather this week, I thought it only right to spend as much time as possible outside. Being cooped up throughout the cold winter months makes it difficult for an artist to get inspiration from the greatest source there is…nature. When you think about it, how many haunting songs or beautiful poems reference the raw beauty of nature? Too many to count. Our environment provides an endless supply of color, texture, and a visible cycle through life and death. The process is beautiful and I think it is really important to take a step back and appreciate what we have available to us.

Phone in hand, I set out on campus to find a spot to sit and enjoy the weather. During that time I took a few shots of my surroundings. Amazing shadows danced across the rocks, sunlight cascading down over the trees.

It was amazing. The perfect way to spend a day, collecting inspiration. This is the perfect example of a gift given by a secret admirer (referenced in my post Source of Inspiration). It somehow surprises us and we immediately feel that warmth in our souls, and the ideas flood our mind. Since my adventure on the first beautiful day of Spring, I have had countless ideas for projects that embrace both freedom and appreciation for what I have around me on a daily basis. I encourage artists, and non artists as well, to truly appreciate the beauty around you. Take photos of something beautiful, sit and draw, breathe in the warm air, let go and immerse yourself in your world.

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