Hello everyone! This week I wanted to spend some time talking about the beauty that is Impressionism and the pioneers of the style. One artist who aided in the development of the style is Claude Monet. This French painter was influenced by the natural landscapes around him. One technique Monet utilized was “en plain air” which is an expression that mean “in the open air.” Artists would go out to the landscape they wished to paint and paint in real time. This technique allowed for artists to learn about light and fleeting light in a landscape. The setting sun caused for artists to work more quickly which produced quick brushstrokes on the canvas.

What does “Impressionism” mean? – Smarthistory

This work above is Impressionism, Sunset by Claude Monet. This painting depicts a harbor in France with boats on the water. The red sun is setting over the water reflecting its red glow which is visible because of the quick brushstrokes. The work itself is loosely painting with flat silhouettes of boats on the misty water. The rendering of this work almost appears unfinished do to its lack of detail.

Another pioneer of the Impressionist style is Pierre -Auguste Renoir. He was a leader in this Impressionist movement during the twentieth century. It was not until a group of Impressionist artists wanted to put on an exhibition in Paris of their works that this style came about to the public eye. Renoir was influenced by his fellow artists but was more drawn to using a brighter color palate to portray a warmer overall feeling.

In his work Two Sisters On the Terrace, Renoir depicts beautiful young women on a sunny day. The older woman is the central focus of the work while her younger companion is below holding on to her basket of colorful balls of yarn and wool. The landscape behind them is the Chatou in Paris. This was a common place for artists to come and work or indulge in leisure time. The brushstrokes are not as quick and lose as compared to other artist of the style.

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