In Awe of Art

I have yet to be in awe of a painting in person. What I mean by this is that when looking at art, whether historic or modern, at a museum or gallery, I have yet to be totally blown away by an art piece. That’s not to say I haven’t loved artworks or appreciated them; I just haven’t had that moment (I think I picture in my head the “Say Yes to the Dress” moment for a woman finding her perfect wedding dress but in the form of an artwork.)

I’d also like to point out that I’ve been amazed by artworks that I’ve seen pictures of such as Tintoretto’s Last Supper as I mentioned in a previous post. The issue with paintings like this is that I haven’t seen them in person to gaw over them, my question is would I be in awe of them? Because it hasn’t happened yet.

I want to want to stare at a painting for longer than a couple of minutes to just take in its beauty. I want to be in awe of a piece of art… I just haven’t found the right one. It’s one of those things that will happen when it happens and it can’t be forced or predicted. Although I will say that I picture the piece to be chiaroscuro like a Caravaggio piece or something that I could gaw over the light and the shadows and the significance of it all. But who knows? The art work could be anything.

Something I’ve come to conclusion on as I’ve gotten older is that I would like to start going to art galleries and museums by myself, as in without company because, well, not to say others are holding me back but I do feel as though I can’t always take my time to look at art pieces because I’m fearful of holding others up. I enjoy others company to these places because I like discussing the artworks but I also want to take my time and form my opinion of pieces on my own. I feel the perfect solution would be to go with a friend who wouldn’t mind also walking around on their own and then meet back together and go through everything again while discussing it all.

In the end I think whether I’m alone or with other people I will find the artwork and have my moment in which I am truly and shamelessly in awe of a painting in the middle of a museum or gallery and I can’t wait!

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