In Honor of Memorial Day


I visited a Veteran Memorial cemetery for Memorial Day weekend. My family and I went to honor my uncle, who passed away this past year. He served in the Vietnam war as a Sergeant in the Navy. At the cemetery, there were a multitude of families and multiple generations honoring those who have fallen. The cemetery made a beautiful memorial to all the soldiers who have fallen in the past year.


Along the main road driving up to the site, there were thousands of small American flags. The number of flags were equal to the number of U.S. soldiers who have passed away in the past year in combat. It was sadly beautiful; it is similar to the flags Marywood places in honor of Veterans’ Day.  The difference is at the cemetery, the flags continued for miles, and at another angle then the one shown in the image, one can see the tombstones of the American soldiers buried at this site. The memorial made a visual statement between the ones who have passed in the past year to the hundreds of thousands that have passed in the last 50 years. This visual, artistic memorial reminds us of the number of honorable people who have risked and lost their lives for us. Through this art, one can have a more tangible idea of the destruction and devastation war brings.

Thank you to all those who risked their lives and continue to risk their lives to allow us to be safe and achieve our goals. I would never be where I am today with out the courageous men and women who are protecting us, over seas and at home.

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