In The Beginning

Well, it is the start of the spring semester and I love how my professors are diving right in to helping me become a true art therapist with setting a strong foundation.

In my Intro to Arts & Healing course we had to come up with a statement in our mini groups on describing what art therapy is. Initially, we had to think of one word each, and then, as a group come up with a statement. Our words were: release, expression, and healing. The statement we came up with was: ‘A patient will use visual expression as a release for healing trauma.’

Afterwards, we were asked to create some type of artwork to reflect our feelings of the beginning of our journey on becoming an art therapist. Considering that I had already been using art therapy for my own mental health, I was stumped on what to create. Especially as I am in the process of moving and only have some construction paper and crayons on hand to make something.

I decided to start off with a scribble drawing and let my intuition select colors for both the paper and the drawing. I was not too surprised to have grabbed pink construction paper as pink signifies love and compassion for myself and others. It also ties in with the heart chakra, as does green. Studying the shapes I could see a very Picasso-like image of my face, which made me laugh. I mean who would not love to have a large teal nose!

Once finished, I felt pretty happy as I could see that this drawing really reflects how I feel starting out to become an art therapist. I feel excited, full of love for others, and hope for the future in helping veterans.

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