Inspiration Lycoming County

Unfortunately, many people think traditional art hung on pristine white walls in galleries are off limits because they don’t have a huge interest in art. Murals, however, demand to be viewed and achieve awe from anyone, artistic or otherwise.

It only makes sense that I have grown so attached to the murals in my hometown of Williamsport. They do nothing but enable the artistic culture in the town to grow, while also allowing passersby to see the values of Williamsport.

I have in mind one particular mural, called Inspiration Lycoming County by Michael Pilato. This piece of art is located downtown, where most of the town’s festivities are held. Pilato included important and inspirational people from Lycoming County as well as historical figures and events. The people included range from Martin Luther King Jr. to local teachers, as well as a small tribute to the events of 9/11 and the lives lost. Pilato portrays hundreds of years of the town’s history, all taking place on the world’s largest portrait mural. It spreads across three different walls (one of which being my favorite restaurant, the Bullfrog.)

For me, the mural evokes a sense of home and belonging. I have seen the mural in the background of local artists’ exhibits during First Fridays and I have sat next to the mural during parades. It perhaps is the most sentimental piece of art I have ever encountered, as it depicts the entire history of the place that I grew up.

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