Introducing Nate

Hello everyone, my name is Nate Holden and I will be this semester’s painting student blogger for the Where Creativity Works website! I am very excited to share my experience as a painting student in Marywood’s excellent Art Department and all that I’ve learned in my now three years of being part of this community.

To begin, I suppose I will fill you all in on who I am as an artist and what I try to do with my work. It all comes down to self-reflection for me; many of my paintings feature my likeness in an abstracted form or abstracted color as a means to express my inner thoughts and emotions on canvas in order to better examine/understand them in the physical world through a visual means. Where words have failed, painting has allowed me to successfully communicate who i am inside in my own unique way. Although my paintings may have an intended meaning that is personal to my life, I am of the philosophy that once you share something on canvas you forfeit, at least some, of it’s meaning for anyone else who may develop a relationship with it. My paintings are an extension of my heart and soul so should someone connect with my work, they make a connection with me! I believe that to be the most gratifying thing as an artist.

Where words have failed, painting has allowed me to successfully communicate who I am inside in my own unique way.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am about to begin my Senior year here at Marywood University, and although the very thought of such a statement makes me want to cry and hop a greyhound back to the year 2017, I have instead chosen to welcome this opportunity to fill the position of a student blogger for Where Creativity Works!

Here I’d like to share the lessons I’ve learned, work I’ve created, and mistakes I’ve made in the past three years as a student and an artist. And, hopefully above all else, encourage people who may be considering joining our Art Department to do so! I know my experience as a painting student here will prove to be invaluable as I continue to grow as a person and an artist, I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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