Introduction To Kenzie!

Hello! My name is Mackenzie Thomas, otherwise known as Kenzie. I am a freshman at Marywood University and my major is photography. With this as my major, I am in the art program and take classes such as Basic Drawing, Art History, and 2D Design. I never took an art class and I never did it as a hobby, but I am ready to learn a new skill!

Being the blogger for photography is super exciting and I cannot wait until it takes off. I have been doing photography mainly since my sophomore year of high school when I joined Journalism. Since then, it has become a huge passion of mine. My favorite thing to photograph is nature because I get to see the world in a whole new perspective. It was very fun to find new angles and ways to express what I want my viewers to focus on. I also really enjoy doing photo-shoots with my friends. It is simply fun to have individuals try out different poses and spots to get a photo just right. Provided below is some of my work.

10 Random facts about me

  • My favorite color is purple
  • My favorite season is Autumn
  • My hobbies include hiking and photography
  • I graduated from North Pocono High School
  • I have had my best friend in my life for 13 years (girl in photo captioned “Senior Photos”)
  • I took journalism for three years where I worked on the school’s paper, yearbook, and video announcements (I mainly edited or recorded the announcements)
  • The people I look up to most are my former teachers Mrs. Besko (English) and Mr. Davis (Journalism)
  • I really enjoy anything scary
  • I dye my hair a lot
  • I dream of traveling a lot after college

Check out more of my work here.

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