Hey everybody, this week I wanted to switch things up and talk about news in animation. My boyfriend recently has been getting me to try to watch Invader Zim and I found an article talking about a new 70 minute Netflix short called “Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus”. Having never watched the show as a child, I can’t say I feel any excitement towards this short, but the style of the animation really draws me in. It looks really weird and cool and I’m sure anybody who remembers watching the original series is more than happy for Zim’s return.

Animation World Network’s website wrote that “when Invader Zim ended its rather tumultuous initial run on Nickelodeon back in 2002, few in the industry were surprised. Skewed towards older kids, creator Jhonen Vasquez’s wonderfully and horrifically weird series seemed an odd fit at a “children’s entertainment” network. Perish the thought creative sparks might fly! Despite controversy and network handwringing, and quite possibly, because of it, the show generated critical acclaim and a rabid fan base.  In a short time, Invader Zim successfully captured the hearts and minds of an impressionable audience that, contrary to what family entertainment guardians painstakingly championed, was filled with quite a few obnoxiously disaffected and completely bored kids just looking for that certain “something” a sinister cartoon character could provide them”.

You can read more about this as well as an interview between Animation World Network and “Invader Zim”s creator, Jhonen Vasquez, at Also, HAVE AN AWESOME FIRST WEEK AT SCHOOL!!!

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