Invisible Light

Well finals are complete; almost all the students are gone. Marywood’s campus is quiet until summer session begins. Nothing left to do but wait for the grades to come in. I need things to do to fill my time so I don’t stress myself out over grades, just like I stressed myself out studying for finals. In my head I hear the voice reaching out to me, calming me. This voice is that of my inner Light Jedi telling me to “Go search for the light and shoot some pictures.” Great advice!

My photographs are a little different than normal. Can you guess what is different? … Correct, you guessed it; there is no visible light in my photographs. Right now you are saying “but I can see the picture.” Yes but what you are seeing is the results of Infrared Film, that which isn’t viewable in normal light. Marywood Photography courses do not include Infrared film requirements, but Pete Nardone and Sam Olfano were eager to help me learn about this type of photography. We truly have the best professors here!

What a pain shooting, the film had to be loaded into my camera in complete darkness. At no time can the film be exposed to light. The film even came in this special film container. Funny thing is I didn’t plan ahead and could only shoot one roll. When I was done with the first roll, I was way out in the woods, and was wondering how I would change the film. Well after the fact, Yoda was still at school when I was developing them. So he helped me out for next time and gave me a lightproof film-changing bag. So now I am all prepared for my next infrared adventure.


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