It’s Show Time!

It is completely unbelievable to think that my four years of hard work in Marywood’s Art Department will be recognized in just a few short days. I remember being a freshman and watching the senior art students armed with nails and hammers, putting together a beautiful show. I used to walk by and think “that’s going to be me one day.”

Well…that day has arrived and it is nothing short of surreal. Right before I sat down to write this I finished putting the finishing touches on pieces that will be hung in our very own art buildings and viewed by hundreds of people. It is so satisfying to see my work in fancy frames and displays. I remember just sitting with my iPod, in the studio, lost in my own world creating these things. They all have a special place in my soul and make me so happy to look at. I remember where I was when I created each one. They all have their own story; small stories that came together to write my story. The story of my experience at Marywood, finding out who I am as a person and an artist, and meeting some amazing people and having equally amazing times.

What I want to say to any college student, or anyone working towards a goal…don’t give up on it. One day that WILL be you hanging up those works of art, or running in that marathon, writing that bestselling novel, or directing that film. When we look from the outside at those accomplishing these things, we always think that it could never be us. I know, even though the senior show was something happening in my future, I never thought it would come this quick and be something that represents me in every way. For those of you attending the Senior Art Exhibition on April 16th, 2016, I hope you take a moment to speak to some of our incredibly talented artists. They worked so hard and have put so much of themselves into each and every piece you will be enjoying that day.

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