It’s Your Turn

Recently for my Graphic Design III class I had a really cool project, that we worked with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. I was assigned Senior Driver Safety as my topic. I worked with a fellow classmate to create a campaign to make people aware of this topic.

We decided to do all print items for this cause. Which included, a brochure, postcards, a billboard and an infographic. I personally designed the brochure and infographic, my partner did the other two.

We had a lot of fun deciding a theme and design style for this. We thought this was a serious topic so we did not want to offend anyone. Along with that we choose to do a symbol that was easily recognized by a lot of people, the stop light. Our color palette was created from the colors found in a stoplight. They also translated to our slogan, It’s Your Turn. The red showed its your turn to warn, yellow showed its your turn to watch and the green being its your turn to help. Showing that, its our time to pay it forward and do for our elders as they did for us. They can be helped just simply by you having knowledge of the difficulty they can have driving and how heartbreaking it can be to have that right taken away.

Here is my brochure: 


Here is my infographic:


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