January Artist

Zummo’s Cafe in Scranton has offered me the opportunity to hang some of my art work in their coffee shop for the month of January and I am very excited to once again be able to share my artwork with the community and hopefully sell some paintings and drawings! I’ve gathered a group of about 9 pieces to hang, all 5 Birds will be hung and available to buy should anyone like them, and 4 drawings of certain historical figures that I hope people will like.

I’ve chosen this, not-so-related group of work simply because I like them and enjoyed making each piece. I try to do something different each time I share my work and in the recent past I’ve chosen pieces that all sort of go with one another and show my growth as an artist despite my personal feelings of the work. However, this time I’m showing just the pieces that I enjoy the most!

I’ve spoken about my love for my birds and my love of drawing historical figures in previous posts so this time I hope those who see my work hanging Zummo’s coffee shop see that I liked creating the work that they see! Not to say that I don’t like my other work I’m just tryna have fun with this particular display, an I hope the patrons of Zummo’s recognize that fun and decide to take a piece home with them!

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