Hey everyone, this week I wanted to go a little in depth about my visit to the more urban parts of Japan, mainly Tokyo. Tokyo is a bustling city and we walked around Harajuku, Shibuya (the Shibuya crossing was insane), and Akihabra. Again, there is so much to talk about so I really only will be touching on the highlights.

One of my favorite parts of Tokyo was going to the Starbucks roastery. It’s a huge building, the current largest in the world, and you have to get there right when it opens or else you’ll be standing in a long line waiting to get inside. As we walked in, we were greeted with bows from everyone and were given a small sample of coffee. My first impression of the place was the beautiful copper work (the flowers are cherry blossoms) and the sheer amount of people. I got a really cool drink (shown below), it was a tea latte with cotton candy sitting on top.

We also went to Takeshita Street which was one of the busiest places I have EVER been to. We went on New Year’s Day and there was just no room for personal space and I loved it! Takeshita Street has a ton of shops to walk in and food to try. Even if you didn’t buy anything, it was a lot of fun just to walk around and do people watching (shown below).

Akihabra was fun to walk around but not as interesting to me because I’m not too into anime (my friend Akira was more interested in that) so we just walked around to different shops, ate dinner, and went home.

We ended up having to split Tokyo into two days because there’s just so much to do. The one mall we went into had a Pokemon center and we wanted to go into the Nintendo store but the wait was four hours just to get IN so we decided against it. I had a really positive experience in Tokyo, the train rides getting there took around an hour and a half from where I was staying but it was totally worth it. To those just starting school this week/ returning from break, good luck and I hope you had a great first week back!

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