Jim Thorpe

Around this time last year, me and a few of my friends traveled up to Jim Thorpe, PA. Before then I had never been to Jim Thorpe. I actually never even heard of it until my friend brought it up. I honestly didn’t think that this place was going to be that amazing, but I’m always down for a trip with my friends. I also couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be able to capture some good photos.

The ride there wasn’t too long, probably a little under an hour. This meant a good jam session was to be expected for most of the ride. Soon enough we got to Jim Thorpe and I was a little surprised. The town was really cute and to my surprise held a lot of historical monuments. Some being the Old Jail Museum, Asa Packer Mansion, and the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. We toured the Old Jail Museum and the Asa Packer Mansion. Both were really cool especially the Old Jail Museum because it was haunted. I even tried doing some Ghost Adventure hunting to capture some evidence of ghosts. Sadly, it didn’t really work out.

Even though my ghost hunting wasn’t successful, I was still able to get some pretty cool pictures. I can’t say the same for the Asa Packer Mansion. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed on the tour. I was able to take photographs of the outside which had some cool statues and other buildings around it. I also got some photos of other parts of the town and even tried to do some street photography. Let’s just say the street photography photographs were more of just me holding my camera low so it didn’t look like I was taking any photos. Luckily, my street photographs are no longer like that, I’m little more confident now.

I would most definitely recommend visiting Jim Thorpe to everyone. It is a really cool town with historical monuments around every corner. I am definitely going to try and go back this summer to see what photographs I can come up with. Also because they have a store completely dedicated to jerky! So if you end up visiting Jim Thorpe don’t forget to stop by!

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