Journey Into the Rococo

Happy summer everyone! Let’s journey into another amazing period of art from the past: the Rococo!

The Rococo began in the early 18th century around Paris, France, and moved in to replace the Baroque period. Where the Baroque’s focus was heavy, dark, and serious, the Rococo floated in to fill France with art that was fun, light, and soft. Artists began to depict more lighthearted subject matter such as love-struck couples or fun, outdoor activities as can be seen in the following piece The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard.

Above all else, this art was meant to be fun! There was very little symbolism or deeper meaning behind the pieces which some artists disapproved of, but it introduced the world to the idea that art could be simply taken at face value.

Rococo has a very special place in my heart because you really don’t see art like this anywhere else. The pastel colors and fun, youthful themes are so fun and pretty and really resonate with me. I can absolutely see me filling my future house with art from Rococo.

Here’s some more of my favorite Rococo pieces!

The Meeting (from the Loves of the Shepards) Jean-Honore Fragonard. 1771
Allegory of Painting, Frances Boucher 1765

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