Just Let Go!

As artists, we are all natural born perfectionists (you know it’s true). We strive for things that sometimes feel so far from our reach. Images swirl in our brains just waiting to be released, but when that moment finally comes, the little artist-monster takes hold. Beginning to shake out our ideas, we grab our tools and go for it…but there’s only one problem. That little monster. I say that as if we aren’t completely, 100% responsible for this perfectionist attitude; we absolutely are. What we don’t realize, however, is that we can break from it at any point. It is difficult, yes, but not impossible.

This week I had an Art lesson with a student and I shared something with her that I think is very important. We need to learn to appreciate the ACT of making art and not always focus on the outcome. We have a way of going into projects feeling the pressure to have it be the greatest masterpiece ever brought into the world. From one artist to another…STOP! We were given the gift of creative thinking, so lets use it!

To emphasize this point, I told my student we were going to refresh our creative brains. I took out a huge piece of paper, some oil pastels, and explained. We were going to reflect on our day, our week, or anything that was on our minds at that particular moment, and just let it all go. Pastels in hand, we went to work. An hour was spent sprawled on the floor making marks, blending colors, and just being free to let loose those creative monsters just looking for a way out.

photo (11)             photo (12)            photo (13)

Nothing is perfect in life, and we shouldn’t try to make Art anything other than what it is…the freedom to express, explore, create and just let go.


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