Keep Creating

Hello everyone! This past week I have been working on small scale projects in order to keep creating. I picked up a few canvas’s that are about the size of an average post card. I wanted these works to focus on nature just because I miss it so much. I miss foraging for flowers to create beautiful dried flower art. But, I am not allowing this quarantine to affect my connection with nature.

The first composition was created in water color. I wanted to re-create beautiful flowers that over look a beautiful sunset. One of my favorite past times is watching and documenting sunsets that surround me. This sunset is a combination of all my favorite colors and sunsets I have ever seen. I appreciate the natural colors of nature and the vibrant shades of purple reflect that. This composition allowed me to experiment with water colors on a small scale, which is a technique and medium I have not really experimented with before.

The next composition I created is what I interpret as rolling hills with large trees engulfing a lake below. This work was inspired by my childhood lake house. As a family we would spend many summers at the lake. This time in quarantine has caused me to reflect and appreciate all that I have. These memories up at the lake with my family will never disappear. Now this is not an exact replica but it is my happy place. This was once a place for laughter and fun. I again wanted to attempt a sunset in a purple pink shade which I believe to be a success. I also wanted to try working in a different medium, so this was done in acrylic paint.

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