Keeping Busy Over Break

Hiya!  My name is Tumnus (Tom is fine too, should you ever stop to say hello), and while in the Spring 2021 semester I will be writing about my Ceramics adventures, now, I’m just excited to find some ways to keep busy over break. As welcome a recess as the holidays are, I want to make sure that the next time I pick up a paint brush isn’t until January!

In deciding where it would be best for me to focus my energies over the next few weeks, I thought about where I felt deficient this Fall semester and here’s what I came up with:

  • I’m not a naturally gifted painter so I had to work very hard to meet my own standards in my painting class. It would behoove me to paint and experiment before my next painting class this Spring.  I will feel more confident in my advanced classes if I am actively working to improve at home too.
  • I struggled to keep up with my journal. When I first came to Marywood and it was suggested we keep a sketchbook journal of some kind, I’ve taken that very seriously but this semester I let myself get too distracted to write and draw in it every day.  The goal for break is to tidy up my journal and get back to my daily entries.
  • This one’s the most difficult; I feel that I get in my own way a lot, so my goal here is to challenge myself to make art just for the sake of creating something that makes me happy!  I want to remember to use every opportunity I’m presented to express myself or work through a problem I’m experiencing.

As well-intentioned as these goals are, I won’t get anywhere without a plan, so here’s what it looks like:

Step 1: Making a Place to Make Art-  The first part of staying productive over break is to devote a place specifically to making art.  This can be anywhere you feel free to create- the corner of a bedroom, a rarely used study, whatever space is left after that much needed basement “Spring” cleaning- but this summer I moved and I am starting from scratch in a new studio space!

Step 2: Surrounded by Art-  I’ve never been especially fond of displaying my own work but this is the space I’ve made for my art and I should push myself to consider my creative process by actually looking at my paintings after I’ve finished with them.  It’s been a good exercise in understanding what I’d like to improve in my paintings (lots!)

Step 3: Giving Myself a Prompt-  I found that I feel more organized when I have, if not a vision for the final piece, parameters to work within.  (I won’t beat myself up should my idea change but) I uncovered a very old painting I never finished- I would like to start it anew knowing what I know now about painting.  I think it will be fun to compare them when I am done.

Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted on my work and play, and I look forward to seeing how everyone keeps busy over break!

Tumnus Moran Old Painting in Progress
An old painting from NBCs Hannibal

What’s Playing-  Music can be a hugely influential force when creating art.  While setting up my studio, I’ve been enjoying reliving my Spotify Wrap-up.  A song that’s been making it to the top of my list recently is “Honeybee” by Steam Powered Giraffe.  It’s been lovely to find my own rhythm to work by and paint to the harmonies in the song.

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