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This week, I’ll be talking about how a creative dry spell has been affecting me, and how I fixed it! It all started with the end of the spring semester. I was drained from projects and finals, and couldn’t wait to take a break for the summer. After the first week of relaxing, I wanted to start some new art projects, so I did, but I never seemed to finish them. Soon after that, I lost all motivation to do any art. I then got a graphic design  internship at a local design firm and realized I would be doing art related things all day every day, which made me happy.

This job is teaching me things about art and design that I never knew, and better yet, is helping me be more creative. Each day is something new, sometimes I do things I’ve never even done before. Being able to be challenged every day, and being creative every day, has really helped with my personal art work. After work, I’ll go home and have the motivation to create more art, even though I was doing it all day. Keeping your mind busy every day really helps with an art block, too. I would always have a million ideas in my head for an art project, but never know how to start it, or I would never finish it because it wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

Well, here are some ways that helped me get over my creative slump!

  • Some things I like to do on weekends to keep a creative mind is to sketch outdoors!
  • I also like to look at the clouds and draw the shapes or objects I see! It sounds childish, but it really helps put you in a creative mindset.
  • I also like to paint (with actual paint or digitally) bright, colorful shapes and make them into an abstract work of art.
  • Abstract art paired with color usually helps put me into a creative mindset as well!
  • Reading new books, listening to new music, and going to museums are all great ideas to help spark your creativity.
  • The best thing, though, is to just create something every day, no matter how small. Neon lights

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